Unique & mesmerizing performance artist and living statue. Ideal to call the attention and for branding and marketing activities.




Performing artist and living statue from Berlin | One of the best-known living doll artists in Germany | At numerous international engagements and festivals from Oslo to Johannisburg, from Toronto to Mumbai and Shenzhen he won several awards | Winner of the world championships 2010 and 2013 (World Statues Festival for Living Statues) in Arnhem/Netherland 

Berlin, Germany


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The puristic concept of BLANKO is totally different to the other characters of JOHNman, which are much more pompous concerning Make up and costume. Completely white in the beginning the character becomes a living projection for the audience, who start painting BLANKO with the provided colours and brushes bringing in their own creativity. After the first hesitant brushstrokes BLANKO will be painted over and over again. The performance turns into a real happening creating modern art.


An extraordinary picture. This is a scene of optical illusion. JOHNman and the painting become one. From a distance it looks like a beautiful portrait but as you come closer you are amazed to see it’s an illusion. JOHNman will invite you to take a picture within the Living Picture.A variation of the "Living Picture" is the "Living Screen". A television- or computer-screen will replace the picture frame. This way, JOHNman can demonstrate the topic of "3D-television" on a tradeshow. Of course, you are invited to take pictures within the "monitor", too.


WOODY WOODman is a wooden character, carving himself out of tree-trunk, as if it were hisown master Geppetto. Once born into life and stepped into the world, WOODY immediately getsin touch with the surrounding people, exploring their nature and way of living. A symbiosis between humans and nature may be possible. 


CANDYman is an entertaining character who in his choreographed 20-minute show dispenses a lot of - guess what? - CANDIES! This artificial salesman of sweets and candies plays with the audience with surprising tricks and gags. At the World Statues Festival 2010, the international jury as well as audiences were so impressed by his character CANDYman, he now owns the official title “World Champion 2010”.


This art character meets you halfway from your position. JOHNman seems to trick physics and biomechanics and earns amazement and astonishment from the audience. The unique leaning-trick can be combined with almost any living doll character.


JOHNman´s perfect robot performance. What seems to be a static and lifeless doll suddenly turns into a remote controlled machine. "Real" metallic look included!