Make your special day even more unforgettable with our amazing wedding entertainment ideas. 
We work with the most talented and creative artists to offer you high-quality services adapted to your individual wishes.

Whether you are looking for a wedding band, a wedding singer, a wedding DJ or other wedding musicians like violinists, percussionists or pianists, Book a Street Artist has the perfect live wedding music for you. Other wedding entertainment from our performers include: magicians, living statues and circus acts for hire. If you look for unique wedding decoration, wedding origami is the solution!

Our most popular wedding services

The wedding march by Christian Grosselfinger

Christian’s performance was a success!
— Pedro from Portugal

The sweetest guest reception by Quideia

Huge thanks to the wonderful chocolate couple who entertained our wedding guests last Saturday. Amazing artists and one of the highlights of our day.
— Wendy from UK

Dance the night away with Gaspar Silva

Gaspar made the opening dance one of the most memorable moments of the day. Our guests will always remember this show, which perfectly lead from the dance to the party.
— Bruno from Portugal


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Arts & entertainment in every step of your wedding

For a successful and fun event, leave no gaps in your wedding celebrations and keep your guests entertained at all times. Artistic highlights can round up your perfect day and leave a smile on everyone's face. We also have fantastic artistic ideas for your decoration, give-aways or thank you notes.


Before the wedding

What is your wedding theme? Would you like it to have an artistic touch? Then talk to us and our experienced theatre groups who create beautiful settings and decorations with high attention to detail.

Are you already set, but are looking for the extra something, the special touch? Don't wait and check out our impeccable living statues who at the same time fit perfectly into a photo booth moment.

For a unique setting, have a look at how spectacularly XL Origami can transform your wedding location. 







Ideas for your wedding ceremony

The entrance of the bride is one of the most longed-for moment by everyone - make it a special moment and have an outstanding artist perform just for you.

To create a moment of pure emotion, your song should be well chosen. Our artists will adapt 100% to your wishes and help you make the right choice. 

If you prefer purely instrumental music during the ceremony, we recommend a violinist or cellist. A saxophone is perfect for soul. We also have solo singers who can add a special emotional layer to the moment with their voice.

If you want a truely alternative option, include the mystical sounds of a didgeridoo or joyful percussions.






Welcoming guest receptions

When your guests arrive, give them a warm and friendly welcome with the help of our artists. While you and your partner say hello to everyone, our artists make sure the overall atmosphere is easy and comfortable.

Surprise your guests with stilt walkers in beautiful costumes adapted to your wedding theme. Alternatively, our living statues come in large varieties of characters, themes, and colors while they are great to take photos with. Living statues can also give out small gifts, candy, or drinks to each of your attendees.

Another great idea to keep young & old entertained while everyone arrives is 1-on-1 magic: a magician mingles with your guests and does small surprising tricks with individuals and groups. 

Want to include a highlight during your reception? Invite our dancers for a short exotic belly dance or a cool hip hop performance! Professional jugglers can likewise excite the wedding crowd, whether it is an elegant contact juggling show or a dangerous fire act.

In any case, don't forget to ease up the mood with music!



Dinner entertainment

When dinner is served, you want your guests to enjoy the meal and engage in conversations - ideally your entertainment is a bit low-key in this moment.

We highly recommend you to hire a music band or solo musician who play a type of music that is liked by the majority of your guests, for example jazz, swing, pop or world music. Of course, we also feature more specific genres such as Irish folk or Samba

After the main course and dessert, there is a perfect moment for another artistic highlight in your wedding - time to laugh or be astonished! Two lost tourists could appear at your wedding, trying to make their way back to the beach. A short stand-up comedy act may tell the guests a bit more about the wedding couple or entering into marriage. Also in this moment, dance or juggling acts fit perfectly, as well as magic shows. If your location allows for the height, aerial shows are very emotional and beautiful to look at.

Want to play a little prank on your guests? Have a false waiter serve dessert and just get everything wrong.



Party time!

The Opening Dance is the first dance of the night - have an artist sing your and your partner's favorite song or invite a musician from your favourite genre to open the dancefloor! Our dancers can dance for you or with you, they can even teach and train you before the wedding. 

For a successful wedding party, we offer you a variety of live wedding music bands, live jazz bands for weddings, wedding string quartet, and more. Music bands for weddings are great party entertainment and as an excellent alternative or compliment for live music bands for weddings, our wedding DJs have diverse and the best wedding music sets for all tastes and personalities.

Looking for something truly new and different? Check out our Living Statues DJs with their stunning combo act of living statues and DJing.






Creative give-aways

We have highly talented caricaturists who will create unique wedding favors and take away gifts for wedding guests. You can personalize the paper to be sketched on and pick a caricaturists who fits your style. The drawing process itself is also highly entertaining and our artists are available to stay at your venue many hours until all your guests have been sketched!

If you're into technology, hire our digital live sketching artists who will sketch you, your guests or the scenes at your wedding on a tablet. The result is stunning and all files are made available to you in a digital format.



When I booked a musician for my wedding, the Book a Street Artist crew was very helpful and always on top of things. Throughout the whole process they were always available.
— Bruno Gaspar, Portugal
Working with Book a Street Artist was a joy! They were on top of every every detail to ensure no steps were missed throughout the process. I would recommend their service to anyone.
— Catherine from The USA

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